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Modern homeRoom share good fit for students and working people in midtown west Manhattan $150/weekly or $25/daily please call or text to see the location thanks.

Roomshare For Rent $100 /Week (Uptown).  $150 /Week (Midtown) Phone:  212 470 8410

Roomshare For Rent $100 /Week (Uptown).  $150 /Week (Midtown) Phone:  212 470 8410

Roomshare For Rent $100 /Week (Uptown).  $150 /Week (Midtown) Phone:  212 470 8410

Roomshare For Rent $100 /Week (Uptown).  $150 /Week (Midtown) Phone:  212 470 8410

Roomshare For Rent $100 /Week (Uptown).  $150 /Week (Midtown) Phone:  212 470 8410

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Türkçe: Oda paylasimi manhattanin west tarafinda midtown da $150 haftalik yada $25 dolara gunluk mevcuttur. Yeri gormek ve geleceginiz zamani bildirmek icin bizi arayabilir yada text atabilirsiniz. Tesekkurler.

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  • Keep premise in full and collect payment
  • Keep it clean and neat-make schedules (responsible-presentable)
  • Attending monthly meeting once may be more
  • No issue no problem in premise.
  • Handle scheduled event(s) w/o help
  • Organize and design premise (bc, beds, tv, vaso, chandelier)
  • Minder book for yourself & log book for everyone


  • Person in charge is here will be called ‘’premise’’ “we”“us”  “our”.
  • Person accepts terms and conditions will be called “you” or “any other’’ “others”.
  • The cleaning schedule due for entire premises by posted schedules by us.
  • There is no exception for lateness of dues. (Late fees may apply).
  • Suggestions, concerns & questions can be transmitted to email address given. If no response please check out spelling of email address again.
  • Noise or any other complaint from others can be addressed to us not anyone else period.
  • Two weeks notice required for both sides if anyone fails it liable with the payments of other.
  • No receipt no contract. at will concept is valid which means it can be terminated by anytime by either side.
  • No visitor or another person without permission of premises. no visitor or another person after 11pm before 10am. (subject to change).
  • No modification without permission of the person in charge of premises with all conditions.
  • There is some paperwork for you to sign assurance and / or affidavit before start for self declaration by you.
  • All other common requirements and terms & conditions valid and can be imposed by us.
  • No alcohol no smoking inside or around premises policy.
  • Terms and condition subject to change without prior notice by us.